21 Feb, 2018


Message of Director (Admin)

Welcome to Universe!  Thank you very much for attending our fruitful seminar. Universe was established in 2006 with a vision to become a leading education consultancy in Bangladesh in its chosen fields of higher education. Now it has become an attractive destination for students from all over the country as well as abroad.

Universe has come to its present position because of our best services, a group of highly qualified and experienced professional staff, uncompromising commitment towards academic standards, strict disciplinary norms and wonderful support and cooperation from the parents, guardians and the students.

We are committed to provide the best education services for our students in their respective studies. Our commitment is to groom each student into smart, self-confident and versatile professionals. We continuously strive to achieve our motto “Don’t let your dreams, be dreams”.

Our door is open to your valuable advice and co-operation.



Director (Admin)

Universe Education & Immigration Abroad


Message of Director(PR)

It is my pleasure to welcome you at Universe. I hope the presentation will be beneficial for understanding the matters like: who we are and what we do in our company. Universe was established in 2006 with an objective to bring “Don’t let your dreams, be dreams” with a vision to become a leading education consultancy in Bangladesh. Since its inception, Universe has been the pioneer in associating high quality education and committed to developing human capital of our country to face the challenges of the 21st Century.



Director (Public Relation)

Universe Education & Immigration Abroad

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